George is an audiophile, audio critic, audio accessories designer and audio technology blogger… He has spent a considerable amount of his time and resources in researching, procuring, assembling, testing and tweaking the performance of A/V playback systems.

George started writing about A/V playback systems, accessories and tweaks in multinational electronic commerce websites. After many years of enjoying ‘top reviewer’ status due to thousands of ‘helpful review’ votes, it was only a natural ambition and progression towards owning a technology blog to help budding audiophiles.

George also designs audio accessories. The DIY section on this blog will include some of these recipes. He spends much of his time between blogging, designing and consultancy. You may reach him directly by using this—LINK.


Confessions Of An Audiophile

I have a very varied taste in music and I’m always open to new styles/genres. The only music I could never graduate to is Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. Someday, I’m hoping that I will enjoy those too. I buy music in the form of CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and high resolution 24bit FLAC downloads. I do not listen to compressed formats such as MP3s as they do not bring out the best from any A/V playback system.

The first 10 years of my life, I listened to what others in my household listened to. It was a slow journey from Vinyl Turntables, AM/FM radios and then to a ‘Compact Cassette’ player in 1988. In 1992, when I was 14, I stumbled upon my neighbour’s Compact Cassette album – MJ’s BAD. That album changed my perception of music forever. As a young, impressionable kid, it was my door to the other side, to the world of audiophilia. In 2001, when I bought my first CD, with my first paycheck—The Door’s Greatest Hits; I dumped my entire collection of impeccably maintained Compact Cassettes and I have never looked back since. I currently have my entire collection of CDs ripped as FLACs and stored in Mutimedia Harddrives. Now it’s more of buying 24bit/96kHz FLAC downloads directly from the service provider. I wonder what’s up next!

I believe I’m more of a Stereophile and I enjoy listening to 2 channel music a bit more than watching surround sound concerts and movies in 5.1 A/V playback systems. I spend most of my resources researching tweaks, upgrades and designing accessories that can improve A/V playback systems. For me the thrill is no longer in the listening but in the pursuit of something that I cannot truly explain in words, only a fellow audiophile can sincerely empathize with me. No matter how much I tweak or upgrade and how much I get closer to the recording, it never seems to give me more joy or excitement than when I heard MJ’s BAD album, for the first time, in a crappy Bush Master Blaster stereo Compact Cassette player, back in 1992. So it’s true—”With much knowledge comes much disappointment and he who gains more knowledge will also gain more sorrow”. 😉

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