Akiko Audio USB Tuning


Akiko Audio, from the Netherlands, has released the USB Tuning. Many music lovers use a computer in their high end audio system. A desktop computer or laptop however, is not designed for optimal music rendering and causes many interferences due to electromagnetic radiation, the way they are constructed (everything is built within one housing) and especially due to a poorly designed switched-mode power supply. Read more ›

Sennheiser HD650 Headphones Review


Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG (branded Sennheiser) is a private German audio that was founded in 1945. In the last 07 decades, Sennheiser has become synonymous with high-quality products in all areas of recording, transmitting and reproducing sound. Sennheiser is also known for making some of the world’s most expensive planar magnetic headphones—the He1060 priced at USD 55K. Read more ›

Sennheiser HD800 S Headphones


Sennheiser unveils new version of the HD 800 with improved mid and bass reproduction. The Sennheiser HD 800 is cherished by music lovers throughout the world for its brilliant sound image and impressive spatiality. With the HD 800 S, the audio specialist now presents a new version, which even surpasses the listening experience of its predecessor: Acoustically, the proven transducer technology and the innovative earcup design of the HD 800 are still being employed, while the sound image has once again been further optimized in the medium and low frequency range. Sennheiser has also enhanced the equipment level of the HD 800 S with the addition of a symmetrical XLR4 cable. The color was also slightly changed: the earcups of the new model are resplendent in a premium matte-black finish. Read more ›

Interview With Gediminas Gaidelis


Gediminas Gaidelis is the man behind AudioSolutions. The company was founded in the summer of 2011 in Lithuania. The research, which started as a personal pursuit, in designing good loudspeakers started in the winter of 2003 and lasted almost 8 years. Right now they are a small company making real handcrafted products in small batches. They do not want to become a mega corporation which makes few tons of products every day and where sound quality usually is at the bottom of their priority list. Read more ›

Sennheiser HE1060 Electrostatic Headphones


Sennheiser, of Germany, has released the HE1060 Electrostatic Headphones–the successor to the legendary Orpheus high-end headphones. The electrostatic headphone system, includes headphones, DAC and amplifier, combines to perfection the most innovative technology with carefully selected, luxurious materials and highest quality craftsmanship. Read more ›

Akiko Audio Tuning Stick Mkll


In the past Akiko Audio won a Blue Moon Award for their Tuning Sticks, premium audio accessories meant to reduce high frequency noise. More and more audiophiles are discovering these special tuning products. Over the past years, Akiko Audio has built up an extensive dealer/distributor network in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Read more ›

Project Soli By Google


Google has unveiled Project Soli. Google’s Project Soli lets you control gadgets using hand gestures. Project Soli is using radar to enable new types of touchless interactions—one where the human hand becomes a natural, intuitive interface for our devices. The Soli sensor can track sub-millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy. It fits onto a chip, can be produced at scale, and can be used inside even small wearable devices. Read more ›

Acoustic Portrait Swara Preamplifier


Acoustic Portrait, from India, has released the Swara Preamplifier. This preamp is based on their hugely successful PM-1 model which was launched in 2006. The circuit has been improved and refined over many years. Most importantly their experience with variety of components has enabled them to manufacture a very high quality preamplifier at a price that was never possible before. Read more ›

UpTone Audio USB Regen


UpTone Audio LLC, from USA, has released USB Regen. The USB Regen takes the digital audio stream from your computer or other music streaming device, and generates a completely new USB data signal to feed to your DAC. It accomplishes this by combining a carefully chosen USB hub chip with an ultra low-noise regulator and low-jitter clock. Importantly, it does so with ideal impedance matching—right at the input of your DAC. Read more ›

Schiit Audio Wyrd USB Decrapifier


Schiit Audio, from USA, has released the Wyrd USB Decrapifier. So, what the heck is this little thing? Well, it’s either the world’s most expensive and limited USB hub, or it’s the key to eliminating sticky USB audio problems. Simply put, it cleans up the USB connection to your DAC, repeating the packets with precision clocking and providing pure, clean 5V power from a 100% linear power supply. Read more ›