Erzetich Headphone Amplifiers

Erzetich headphone amplifiers (Bacillus, Bacillus Tilia and Perfidus) have gone under the knife. While their entrails are mostly untouched, the most obvious difference is now their appearance. Acrylic front panels have been replaced by 7 mm thick aluminum that demanded a different graphic approach along with some other tweaks and upgrades on their exterior.


Erzetich Headphone Amplifiers—Now Available In Al Faceplates

»During the first few years we gathered feedback from our users and resellers and took note of their remarks and wishes,« says Blaž Erzetič, the owner. »We had to update our units for the purpose of manufacturing optimisation and this led to a slight redesign of them. While Bacillus has only a new dress, the other two models have also some technical upgrades, especially Perfidus. «

The main story stays the same: exclusivity of a boutique low volume production and attention to the sound and appearance. All units are handcrafted and tested several times during the production – by ear and by measuring instruments.

Erzetich’s products are purposefully handcrafted in the forests of Slovenia, lending an authentic artisan edge to each unit. Because they are made by hand in small quantities, audio fans can be sure they are receiving an exclusive item guaranteed to add an inimitable component to their gear.

The linden wood, used for the main body of the Bacillus Tilia, is artificially aged using a proprietary system to give it a dark and rich tone while making every unit unique.


Erzetich Bacillus Headphone Amplifier Being Handcrafted In Their Workshop In Slovenia



Erzetich is a small company based in the woods of western Slovenia. They specialise in personal audio, specifically on headphone amplifiers and accessories. All of Erzetich products are handcrafted and combine design, creativity, functionality and technology to create unique and timeless products.

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