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La Maison En Petits Cubes (The House of Small Cubes) is a 2008 Japanese animated short subject film created by Kunio Katō, with music by Kenji Kondo. It won several prizes, the most important being the Grand prize for short …

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Anna-Maria Hefele is an overtone singer and voice artist from Germany. She plays nyckelharpa, harp & other instruments. She graduated as Bachelor of Arts in Elemental Music & Dance Education with classical singing as her main subject from the Carl …

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Ethan Winer is a former audio engineer and computer programmer who plays the cello, owns a successful acoustics business, and frequents online messageboards in his spare time. This is a video of Audio Myths Workshop by Ethan Winer from the October …

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Northern India is a footage that Jacob and Katie Schwarz captured while on a trip to India. Locations featured in this video includes: Agra, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Khichan, Jaipur, and Delhi. You may watch the complete footage of Northern India embedded …

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Edmund Thomas Clint (1976–1983) was an Indian child prodigy. He is known for having drawn over 25,000 paintings during his life. Clint was the lone son of MT Joseph and Chinnamma Joseph. He was named after actor Clint Eastwood. He …

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I am 20 is a short non-fiction documentary produced by Films Division of India and directed by S. N. S. Sastry in 1967, twenty years after India’s independence. The film maker travels all over the country and interviews its youth, …

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