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Raspberry Pi: Does It Have A Cut In The High End Audio Pie?


High End Audio is one of those domains which has witnessed and greatly benefitted from, the revolutionary changes in the engineering domain over decades, be it in electronics, mechanical, electrical, material science and nowadays even in software. Over time, the

HiFi Music Streaming: What Is It All About? – Part 3


The third and the final part of the series on hifi music streaming is here. In the first part, we dealt with the technology behind making music streaming possible and in the second, we got into the hands-on mode, for

HiFi Music Streaming: What Is It All About? – Part 2


It has been a month now, after the first part in the series on hifi music streaming came out, on Audiopolitan and I guess, audiophiles following this blog are eagerly waiting to set up a music streaming system in their

HiFi Music Streaming: What Is It All About? – Part 1


The title might be a little misleading as it may give the reader an impression of the various online music streaming services, whereas, in fact, this article is nothing about them. This article is all about setting up music streaming

Impedance Ratings: What do they mean?


The previous article “RMS vs PMPO Power Rating: Which one is realistic?” shed some light on amplifier power ratings and the truth behind them. Going with the same flow of enabling the audiophile reader with wisely putting together a great

RMS Vs PMPO Power Rating: Which One Is Realistic?


The “New” Year is here. The time is here to start off with a fresh new year, with new hopes and aspirations. Most importantly, this is the season of hot deals and discounts and attractive price tags. Indeed a great

Active Vs Passive Speakers: Which Way To Go?


There are many different hi-fi loudspeaker systems out there, available from various manufacturers in various configurations. These loudspeakers can be broadly classified into two types—Active and Passive. Most audiophiles, looking forward to putting together a great sounding system, find it

Philips Golden Ears Challenge: How Good Are Your Listening Skills?


Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Royal Philips, commonly known as Philips) is a Dutch diversified technology company headquartered in Amsterdam with primary divisions focused in the areas of Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lighting. It was founded in Eindhoven in 1891 by Gerard

Indian Electrical Plug: Where Did It Originate?

The Indian electrical plug was originally defined in British Standard 546 (the standard in Great Britain before 1947). BS 546 is still used in countries that where electrified by the British, notably India, Pakistan and East African countries and South

S/PDIF: Does Coaxial Digital Cable Length Matter?


There is a controversy regarding the minimum length that needs to be maintained with S/PDIF cables for optimum performance. Many of you may have heard or read that it is beneficial to use at least a 1.5m length digital cable