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Audiophile Interviews

Interview With Gediminas Gaidelis


Gediminas Gaidelis is the man behind AudioSolutions. The company was founded in the summer of 2011 in Lithuania. The research, which started as a personal pursuit, in designing good loudspeakers started in the winter of 2003 and lasted almost 8

Interview With Blaž Erzetič


Blaž Erzetič is the man behind Erzetich Audio. The company is located west of Slovenia, in the woods of Trnovo, not very far from the Italian border. Erzetich Audio specialises in personal audio, especially headphone amplifiers and accessories. They started their

Interview With Jacob George


Jacob George is the man behind Rethm, India. Rethm is an audio equipment company that was founded in 1998 and their manufacturing facility is located in Kochi. Jacob is an audiophile who is also an architect by profession. Having failed

Interview With Marc And Sander Van Berlo


Marc and Sander Van Berlo are the men behind Akiko Audio, Netherlands. This Dutch company, born from passion and love for music, is always in search of improvements and innovations. Since founding in 2011 they have focused especially on the

Interview With Shyam Bajaj


Shyam Bajaj is the man behind Norge Audio, India. This Mumbai based audiophile company was established in 1967 and specializes in amplifiers, speakers and audio accessories. This pioneering Indian audio brand has catered sound systems to some of the biggest

Interview With Russ Andrews


Russ Andrews is the man behind Russ Andrews Accessories Ltd., UK. The company was founded in 1986 and sells the Kimber Kable range of interconnects and speaker cables, and designs and markets its own range of AC Power products and

Interview With Resul Pookutty


Resul Pookutty is the man behind Canaries Post Sound. He is India’s best-known sound designer and audiographer. He engineered the sound for the movie—Slumdog Millionaire that won him an Academy Award in 2009.

Interview With Konstantinos Papachristou


Konstantinos Papachristou is the man behind Black Pearls Audio, Greece. The company was founded in January 2012. The company’s target is to develop high-end audio equipment that reproduce sound accurately and with as much high fidelity as present technology allows.

Interview With Andrew Rothwell


Andrew Rothwell is the man behind Rothwell Audio Products Ltd., UK. Incorporated in 2003, Rothwell Audio makes a range of hi-fi electronics in England, specialising in vinyl replay, and a range of guitar effects pedals.