Audio Magic Speaker Clarifier

Audio Magic, from USA, has released the Speaker Clarifier. It is an active noise filter and signal conditioner that does not reside in the signal path. This device simply gets placed on the speaker wire either at the speaker end, or the amp end if it’s easier, and attached with a supplied plastic wire tie, then plugged into 120V or 240V AC. If you have a shielded speaker cable Velcro the clarifier to the binding post of the speaker or the amp [Speaker end is recommended]. Once plugged in, the Clarifier will emit a multi frequency pulse that cancels noise in and around the speaker wire thus removing the noise artefact that rides the audio signal.


Audio Magic Speaker Clarifier


Why use the Clarifier vs. an in-line filter?

The number 1 reason is the Clarifier is not in the signal path and will not degrade the signal at all like an in-line filter can and will do. The Clarifier will do a much better job removing noise than the in-line filter.


Why use a Clarifier vs. active shielded speaker wire?

The active shielding will reject noise from external sources but is useless in removing noise already riding the signal and will not do as good a job as the Clarifier on external noise either. Using a Clarifier in conjunction with the active shielding would be fine, but not necessary.


How long does it take for the Clarifier to work?

Results are immediate but we suggest 20 minutes to get 90% of the effect and 24 hours to get maximum effect.


Will the Clarifier be noticeable on all systems?

Absolutely, however consider what you have invested in your system first.


Do I need 2 or possibly 3 Clarifiers for a bi or tri wired system?

If you can group the 2 or 3 wires together at either end and attach 1 Clarifier to the bundle, you will have great results.


Audio Magic Speaker Clarifier In Use With A Velcro


Will using 2 Clarifiers on each speaker cable be better?

Probably not worth the extra money, one does just fine.

Do they run hot?

No, they run warm. Make sure the vent holes are clear.


Should they be plugged in all the time?

Yes, unless you will be gone for long periods of time.


Is this all the noise reduction I need?

No! But it is very important. Other things must be considered:
1. Line noise: Audio Magic builds some of the finest power conditioners on the market.
2. Internally generated noise: All components, especially digital, are little noise factories and internally generated noise needs to be addressed. That’s where the Pulse Gen ZX comes into play. Simply by soldering 2 leads to incoming AC inside the component and with the use of a Velcro place the ZX as close to the power supply as possible will bring amazing results.
3. Noise riding the ground: Simply plug our ground disrupter into a wall socket or into your power conditioner and the disrupter will wash the ground of unwanted noise.
4. Air-borne noise: The Quantum Physics Noise Disrupter is a passive unit that can be set on top of transformers, equipment and will actually absorb EMI and turn it into harmless heat.


The Audio Magic Speaker Clarifier measures 2 3/4″ wide x 2″ deep x 1 1/4″ tall and it is priced at USD 850 (equivalent of INR 51000) per pair. They are available in 110V and 220V versions. For more information on Audio Magic please click on this – LINK.