Akiko Audio Tuning Chips

Akiko Audio always aspires to create a natural sound; a realistic and relaxed rendering that is able to convey to the listener the specific emotions of a performance. The Akiko Audio Tuning Chips resulted from the knowledge and insight they gained by developing their other tuning products over the past years. The energetic process has been developed entirely by themselves.


Akiko Audio Tuning Chip—In Use With A Fuse

The recently developed energetic Tuning Chips are able to harmonise energy currents in places that were previously inaccessible to our other tuning products. The Chip is able to do this by permanently applying extra information there where the Chip has been placed.

The Tuning Chips are a self-adhesive metal foil, which carries the information, with a black finish and very fine holographic print. Some models are made entirely from aluminium. Applying the Chip is a quick and easy job. The Tuning Chips each have their own size, shape and specific area of application.


Akiko Audio Tuning Chip—In Use On An IEC Plug

You can expect a more relaxed rendering and increased perception of the various instruments and voices, as well as a more natural sound, reduced sharpness and richer tone colours. 

Akiko Audio is well aware that this mysterious products balances on the edge of what music lovers accept as an audio tweak, but once you’ve experienced the effect they’re sure that you’ll quickly see the Chip’s added value.

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