Akiko Audio RCA Tuning Caps

To prevent the invasion of electro smog and dust many music lovers use the well-known RCA caps. Akiko Audio goes further than this, making the passive cap a part of the active tuning.


Akiko Audio RCA Tuning Caps

Every RCA Tuning Cap comes with a mineral filled cell that is able to reduce the high frequency noise, making details more audible. Just like our other products, this tuning product is also home-made by our own team.

Every RCA Cap undergoes a lengthy cryogenic treatment and is provided with a 10mm Akiko Audio Chip. A Teflon inlay provides extra absorption.


Akiko Audio RCA Tuning Caps—In Use

The Akiko Audio RCA Tuning Caps are available immediately and come in a gold or rhodium edition. These metals have a subtle influence on the rendering: gold sounds warmer, rhodium slightly more neutral.

Attention for tuning is important; after all, less noise means more music!

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