Akiko Audio Powercord Aerostar

The top range power cable from manufacturer Akiko Audio is now also available with the all-new Furutech FI-50 NCF plugs. This new design from Japan features Nano ceramic parts with piëzo-electrical properties, which, together with the very decent and thought-through construction, lower the noise floor and absorb unwanted vibrations.


Akiko Audio Powercord Aerostar With Furutech FI-50 NCF Plugs

The Aerostar cable design has been upgraded with a new configuration for the nine conductors, a new Teflon inner sleeve, and improvements to the 90% air-insulating ‘Dual Tube’ technique.

The Akiko Audio Powercord Aerostar FI-50 NCF provides your equipment with an optimal power supply.


Akiko Audio Dual Tube Filament Illustration

Striking is how more information becomes audible because of the lower noise floor. Music therefore sounds more natural and listening fatigue doesn’t even get a chance to set in.

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